WARSAW, MONDAY, 3rd of IYAR 5593

It was the last moments of HaGaon Hakadosh Rav Aryeh Leib Tzintz, also known as "Hamaharal Tzintz" or "The Gaon from Plotzk". Around his bed stand his greatest students, among them, The Chiddushei Harim from Gur, The Rebbe of Tchechnov, Rav Yakov Gezuntheit. Fear and awe filled the room, tremor and the tension was felt; soon the great soul would depart from the pure body and rise to dwell in the holy and pure dwelling. An atmosphere of Yom Kippur permeated the room, the likes of the Neila prayers. The students look at their Rebbe, the one who taught Torah to thousands, and brought salvation for all who knock on his door. The tzaddik's lips mumble incessantly. Some of the students bend their ears towards him and hear: "And what is the difference if I study Torah here or study there in the Upper World?" Suddenly, with a new force, he awakened. His eyes opened wide, the Tzaddik pointed his holy hand to a wooden plank in the corner of the room, and asked that it be brought to him. With the last of his strength, he engraved on it the text he wished to be written on his tombstone. His students followed his every action and were amazed to see him write:

"Anyone who helps bring my books to publication, the author will be for him an advocate!"

His close student, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Radzyn expressed surprise at this tremendous promise, which is unparalleled in the history of the greatest and the most righteous. Then the Maharal Tzintz continued his words by saying:
"No man hangs a sign on his shop if he has nothing to sell"
The text of this extraordinary promise, which has no parallel among the giants of history, engraved on his tombstone to this day in the ancient cemetery of Warsaw, which survived even the worst of times for hundreds of years in its entirety, is read by the thousands who flock there seeking salvation.
Since his passing to this day, in the merit of printing his books, thousands of people have seen miracles and have been saved from many sufferings. Ill were cured, singles found their spouses, while others had salvation with their livelihood and success in all areas.