An employee of one of the government authorities has done his work for many years to the satisfaction of his superiors. Gradually he moved up the ranks and strove to reach a certain position. Many others were competing with him for the desired status, since some of them had the right connections, and the man’s chances were not great. After much deliberation, he decided to submit candidacy for the position, in addition to a significant contribution to the Maharal Tzintz Institute, which is devoted to print the books. In a particularly remarkable way, the other candidates ‘dropped out’ for one reason or another, and as a result, he was granted the job.

Representatives in Warsaw

On the day before the month of Adar representatives of the Institute prayed by the gravesite of the author for all the partners of the Institute, each person for his specific request.

Pnei Aryeh on Shas (Talmud)

We are nearing the completion of the 3 volume set on Shas that will comprise of Moed, Nashim, Nizikin and Kadoshim.

Be a Patron

Be a Patron in all editions to come. Only a few slots available.

Chumash Bamidbar (Numbers)

The set of Chumashim (5 Books of the Torah) with the commentary “Melei Haomer” is almost complete with Chumash Bamidbar in its final editing nearly ready to be published. The 5 volume set will be printed with the finest quality paper and binding. Ask now how you can become a partner in this beautiful set.

Adar Sheini

With the upcoming month of Adar almost here we hope to send representatives of the Institute to pray at his holy gravesite in Warsaw for all that participate in the publishing of his books.