Throughout the years, the works of the Maharal Tzintz were printed numerous times, mainly, by those seeking a salvation. However, as was the practice a hundred and two hundred years ago, the precision of the printing was very poor. As a result, the number of people who studied his works diminished. Nowadays, printing being on a level it has never been before, it is especially fitting that the will of the tzaddik be fulfilled with special regard, for the Rebbes' intention was certainly not merely to print his works. His main desire was to study his writings as Chazal say, "Every tzaddik whose words are repeated after his death in this world, his lips repeat them in his grave." Similarly were his words just prior to his departure from this world, "I will teach even in the upper world!" For this purpose, a special institute to edit the writings of the Maharal Tzintz was establised. The team of outstanding talmidei chachamim, experts in their field, are thorough in clarifying every letter of his holy and wondrous words. From time to time, another book of the Maharal Tzintz appears in striking illuminated letters, annotations on the margins, index keys, etc. Printed with splendor and majesty on the finest quality paper and most beautiful binding, not compromising on any effort or expense. The finished books are then distributed free of charge to thousands of Batei Medrashim worldwide. Now, the tzaddik's call, "Try to publish my books," followed by his wondrous promise of "I shall be an advocate on his behalf" is fulfilled in its entirety!