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Mr. S. A. is a well-known businessman and a warm-hearted, G-d-fearing man who knows how to properly dispense the wealth that the Almighty has bestowed upon him.  He gives freely to charitable causes and studies Torah, and is surely a merit-worthy person, both in the eyes of G-d and those of his fellow man.

Suddenly, one day, there was a major legal issue between his business and another and he was "stung" by a sophisticated maneuver that stood to lose him tens of millions of Dollars. The best lawyers were hired to deal with the matter and the fee of these lawyers – who gave him no reason to be optimistic about his chances of success – reached hundreds of thousands of Dollars on their own!

A good friend of his suggested that he had another type of "lawyer". A "lawyer" whose voice was heard on high and whose entreaties from there, would bear fruit on earth. He took upon himself the lion's share of sponsoring a new edition of a book that was about to be published, even though he had initially been placed in severe difficulties to make good on his pledge, so that the "lawyer" could go to work ….

Everything happened so quickly that Mr. A. gets very emotional whenever he tells the story: The claim was simply dismissed and those who were trying to cause him these losses were kicked out and even made to pay his "other" lawyers' fees!