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"Indeed, he promised good things to all who try and help in publishing his work, and this is what has happened for everyone involved."

(Rabbi Tzaddok HaCohen of Lublin)

"And these were not mere words, for we have seen and heard of the amazing miracles that have been visited through this act, for they are no longer on a downwards slide and thanks to this mitzvah they have been saved and healed."

(Shem Hagdolim)

"This is a segula for all kinds of problems and will help many!"

(Orchot Rabeinu HaSteipler, of blessed memory)


"I personally know many people who have prospered as the result of having published work by the Tzintz Maharal, and anyone who has knowledge and wisdom – will not be won over by silver and gold and will participate in this wonderful exercise.

(The Tzaddik, Rebbe David Abuhatzeira, Shlit"a)