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The Promise

Praga, a suburb of the European Jewish capital of Warsaw. 3rd Iyar, 5593 – 170 years ago! The Gaon and revered Rabbi Arye Leib Tzintz, known as the "Maharal Tzintz" or the "Gaon miPlatzek" lay on his deathbed surrounded by his most senior talmidim (one of whom was the famous "Chidush Harim" from Gur).  The great man's soul would soon be parted from his pure body as it traveled to rest on high, in the  place reserved for only the holiest and purest.

An atmosphere similar to that  "neila" (closure) on Yom Kippur pervaded the room. The talmidim were looking at the face of their Rebbe, a man who taught Torah to thousands and had given blessings and salvation to everyone who ever knocked at his door, but now his lips did not stop as he mumbled incessantly. Some of the students were bending forwards and cupping their ears to hear him say: "What is the difference between learning Torah here and learning it in the world above…"

Suddenly, the Tzaddik awakened and his eyes were wide open. His hand pointed to the wooden board in the corner of the room and he asked that it be brought to him. With whatever strength he still had, he wrote on the board the text that he wanted engraved on his matzeva (headstone). The talmidim watched silently as this mighty Torah scholar wrote:  finally, his amazing wonderful promise was written: I will be an intermediary with the Almighty (melitz) in the world to come for anyone who tries to bring to publication the books that I have compiled.

The looks of astonishment on his talmidim's faces do not leave his pure eyes.  The shock and emotion has gripped everyone around him. This is not an empty statement.  It is a promise that is all-encompassing and comprehensive, and it will be etched in stone forever, for generations to come.  It is to be the epitaph that will be etched into eternity at his final resting place ...

For a short moment, he speaks in a clear voice: When a man hangs a sign on his store, he is telling us that he has something to sell!

This "sign" has survived until now and is the holy message of our Rebbe, the Tzintz Rebbe, of blessed memory, as he lies in the main cemetery located in Genesha Street in Warsaw. The many writings about all aspects of the Torah published by the Tzintz Maharal have been reprinted on many occasions over the years, and those who have been involved in their publication have been rewarded with wonderful prosperity, both spiritual and material.

Working miracles among the people

The final resting place of our sainted Rebbe, the Tzintz Maharal, has for many decades been well known for its ability to serve as a source of blessing and mercy.

The book "Tifferet Aryeh" tells us that:

"Whatever evil may befall you from near or far, go and make supplication at the grave of our Rebbe, of blessed memory, at the entrance to Warsaw."

The late and saintly Rabbi Haim Davidson, of blessed memory, Warsaw's rabbi, also wrote an acknowledgment for the book "Meshivat Nafesh" written by our sainted Rebbe, the Tzintz Maharal, which was published after the witnessing of a miracle:

"And now, my own eyes have witnessed this wonderful thing, for the people of loving kindness have come forward to pay the pledges that they made at the grave of the sainted Rebbe while we have been suffering from this persecution of cholera. They prayed that when the L-rd showed mercy, the Rebbe's works will be published.  And so it was that the great fire in the universe was extinguished."

As the date of his Yahrzeit approaches on 3rd Iyar, we will commemorate it with prayer and supplication for the segulot of all participants in the printing of the Rebbe's books.

May we all merit the blessings of all the wonders and segulot. Each of us with his very own wishes.

The Rebbe should be an intermediary in heaven for us all, and influence our lives with blessings and success, good health and segulot, Amen veAmen.