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Understanding what a Tzaddik is about.

The works of the Maharal Tzintz throughout their many editions, have been printed in an old print format, as was the way with these things one and two hundred years ago. On the one hand, our Rebbe's books have appeared over and over thanks to people seeking segulot who have sponsored their printing. However, on the other, the number of students studying his works has steadily decreased because his works are very complex, obdurate and difficult for our generation to understand.

In the current period, it is particularly fitting that the saintly Tzaddik's wishes be honored with special attention since there was surely no intention on his part that his books be published without proper character and flavor. Indeed, the main point of his wishes was that his writings should be studied, for as the sages, of blessed memory tell us: "Every tzaddik whose words are repeated after his death, reaps the merit of those words after he has left this world." Indeed, his words just prior to his departure from this world were "I will also teach you from the world above!"
For this reason, we have established a special institute to work on the editing of new versions of the Tzintz Maharal's words. Teams of worthy talmidei chachamim, experts in their fields, are working hard to clarify all the teachings in his wonderful and in-depth holy works. Every so often, a new book by the Tzintz Maharal with beautifully illustrated letters, clarifications and margin notes that are a joy to behold is published.

The books are printed in beautiful format on especially fine quality paper and are beautifully bound. No effort or expense is saved to ensure that they reflect the perfection of Torah in a complete package, and they are subsequently distributed without charge to thousands of Batei Midrash worldwide.

By doing this, we can say that the Tzaddik's request "to try and publish his works" is being fulfilled to completion and as a result, his promise that "I will be an intermediary on his behalf" is also coming to fruition with wonderful segulot!