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  • A Remarkable Promise
  • A Genius in Torah Who Helped Many in Miraculous Ways
  • The Great Zchus of Publishing His Seforim
  • A New Format for Old Treasures
  • A Rare Opportunity

  • A Remarkable Promise

    As the Rebbe lay on his deathbed, his strength waning, an amazing scene was unfolding. What was about to transpire in this modest room would reverberate around the world, and through the centuries, and would transform many lives in amazing and miraculous ways.

    The sage was surrounded by some of his foremost disciples, each of whom was a brilliant talmid chochom in his own right. The air was filed with tension, as his talmidim strained to hear their revered Rebbe’s parting words of advice to them before he left this world for the World of Truth. What he said astounded them, and at the same time gave them great hope and inspiration.

    His eyes fluttered open, and he motioned weakly towards one of the walls of the room. “Please bring me the wooden tablet which is standing there,” he whispered. His talmidim hastened to do so. With his last bit of strength, he wrote on this tablet the words which would serve as a source of extraordinary blessings ever after: “I will be an advocate for whoever exerts himself to print my seforim.”

    When his talmidim saw these words, they were stunned. Which gadol had ever made such a bold, unequivocal promise? When the Rebbe saw their consternation, he reassured them by saying, “A merchant does not put up a sign to advertise his wares unless he has merchandise to sell!”

    A few minutes later, his soul departed for a better world.

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    A Genius in Torah Who Helped Many in Miraculous Ways

    Who was this gadol who made such a bold proclamation? His name was Hagaon Horav Aryeh Leib (Maharal) Tzintz zt”l, and he was also known as Reb Leibish Charif of Plotzk. The scene described above took place in Warsaw, where the gaon spent his final years as the revered Rav, on the 3rd of Iyar, 5593 (1833). Ever since, the promise that he made has been kept over and over again, saving lives in an openly miraculous manner, and redeeming many from horrible calamities and tzoros.


    The Maharal was famed not only for his vast erudition and deep knowledge of Torah, but also for the many miracles he performed to help unfortunates in distress. Many people streamed to him from all over to obtain refuos and yeshuos. Typical was the distraught man who appeared at the Rav’s house late one night. His wife was having a baby, but her life was in extreme danger. The husband desperately pleaded with the Rav for help.


    The Rav dealt with this life-and-death situation a unique way. He took a gemara and began studying a sugya with great concentration. When he came across a difficulty posed by Tosafos, he summoned his formidable kishronos and came up with an ingenious resolution to the kasha. Then he offered a tefilla to Hashem, to rescue the woman from the dangers of the childbirth she was going through, in the merit of the terutz which he had labored to come up with. The husband thanked the Rav profusely, and returned to his wife. He discovered, to his vast relief and great joy, that she had indeed weathered the perilous crisis, and had come through it alive and well.

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    The Great Zchus of Publishing His Seforim

    Harbotzas Torah was extremely important to the Rav, and that is why he was so eager to get his seforim published. Indeed, numerous esteemed personalities devoted themselves to publishing the sacred works of the Gaon. The first of these was hgh”tz R’ Chaim Yaakov Naftali Zilberberg zt”l of Warsaw, who dedicated a great deal of time and effort to this holy endeavor. The manner in which he became involved in this effort is related by his grandson, Hagaon R’ Avrohom Binyomin zt”l, the Pittsburgher Rav, who was also heavily involved in the publication of the Maharal Tzintz’s seforim. This is his account:

    “In the year 5601 (1841) my grandfather’s brother-in-law, R’ Zusha became seriously ill with a critical lung problem. The doctors had despaired of his life, and so my zayde had the Maharal Tzintz’s sefer “Simchas Yom Tov” printed. His brother-in-law soon had a complete recovery, and lived for many years.”

    He writes further: “ There came to me a man who unfortunately had the dreaded disease, and he told me that he wished to print a sefer of the Maharal Tzintz, so that he might recover in the merit of this mitzvah. He paid for the publication of the sefer “Shaalos uTshuvos Mahral,” and he had a miraculous and complete recovery. He would always tell me afterward that his refuah was in the zchus of publishing the Maharal’s sefer.”

    Numerous tzaddikim were personally helped by having the sifrei Maharal Tzintz published. These include such gaonim as Rav Menachem Ziemba zt”l, the Rav of Koziglov zt”l, and numerous others, all of whom marveled at the great yeshuos which they personally witnessed. The great gaon Rav Chaim Davidsohn zt”l, Rav of Warsaw, writes: “We ourselves have seen many people being helped out of their problems, when they relied on the promise of the Maharal Tzintz zt”l.”

    In the sefer “Tiferes Aryeh,” we find the following: “When there was a cholera epidemic in this area, many people davened at the holy tzion of the Maharal Tzintz, and they pledged to print his seforim. Shortly thereafter, the epidemic suddenly stopped, and there was a great yeshuah throughout the land.” Another story, one of many, concerns a man whose granddaughter was deathly ill, and he paid for the publication of “Gur Aryeh” on Kiddushin. The girl had a dramatic recovery, which left all the learned doctors who knew of the case (and who had given up hope for her) flabbergasted. They realized that this was a phenomenon completely outside the bounds of medical science and natural law.

    The Bais Yisroel of Gur expressed himself as follows: “This is a tested seguloh which helps in a time of trouble.”

    The Steipler Gaon zt”l had a sefer of the Plotzker Gaon published in order to secure a refuoh for someone in his family. He declared that the intent of the gaon was that printing his seforim would help a person overcome all sorts of problems, and many people were indeed helped by this means.

    Hagaon Rav Chaim Kreiswirth zt”l, Rav of Antwerp, used this seguloh when he was critically ill and his life was in grave danger. Through the merit of printing the Maharal Tzintz’s seforim, he was brought back from the brink and became completely well.

    So it has been throughout the generations, and so it is today. The organization, which is dedicated to the publication of the Maharal’s seforim, knows of many cases of people who have seen yeshuos which are clearly miraculous. These involve recovery from life-threatening diseases, obtaining good parnassa, finding proper shidduchim, nachas from children, etc.

    Indeed, there are countless numbers of people living today who have been helped through the zchus of publishing the works of the Maharal. Here are some of their stories:

    A Powerful Connection

    Reb C. has worked for many years at a certain firm. His supervisors have always been very pleased with him, and by dint of his diligence and hard work, he ascended the career ladder and attained a high position in the company. Then an opportunity for a very senior-level position within the firm presented itself, at a much greater salary than he was earning.

    However, Reb C was not the only candidate for this prestigious post. A number of other employees also had their eye on this valuable prize, and since some of them were well-connected and had powerful friends at high levels within the firm, Reb C’s chances of attaining the coveted position seemed extremely slim indeed. In fact, he debated with himself about whether or not he should even bother applying for the job altogether. With so much formidable competition, he thought that it would probably be a waste of time, but he finally decided to go for it. In order to increase his chances of success, he enlisted the aid of his own powerful connection, the Plotzker Gaon, and contributed funds for the purpose of publishing some of the Gaon’s seforim.

    Shortly thereafter, the competition for the post decreased dramatically. Some of the candidates decided to withdraw their applications, and others dropped out for various personal reasons. Relying on the zchus of the Gaon turned out to be a brilliant career move on Reb C’s part, because this “connection” proved to be much more powerful than those of his competitors. The position was awarded to him!

    A Speedy Recovery

    In the home of the M family, the mood was somber, and a dark cloud hovered over the mishpacha. The youngest member of the family, an infant who was barely three months old, lay in his little crib in the hospital, struggling to stay alive. The baby was suffering from a life-threatening infection, and the doctors were very skeptical about its chances for survival. The infant could not tolerate the powerful medications which might have successfully fought the infection, and the weaker ones did not do any good.

    The M’s were members of long standing of the Machon for the publication of the Gaon’s seforim, and their names are regularly mentioned at his holy tzion. The parents davened fervently, and asked for a yeshua in the zchus of the revered tzaddik, who had promised to help all those who assist in publishing his holy seforim.

    To the utter astonishment of everyone familiar with the case, including the doctors, the baby suddenly had a quick and dramatic turnaround. In an amazingly short time, the infant recovered completely!

    The Most Effective Attorney

    Mr. S is a well-known businessman, a G-d-fearing and warmhearted Yid. Hashem has blessed him with wealth, and he utilizes his money wisely, giving to tzedaka and worthy causes with an open hand.

    It happened once that in one of his business dealings with another company, he made a serious misstep. As a result, the other firm started legal proceedings against him, and he soon realized that this blunder would probably cost him many tens of millions of dollars. He quickly hired the best lawyers available, attorneys who were famed for their expertise with this particular type of problem, and paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars for their services. However, after examining and analyzing the case, they told Mr. S that quite frankly, they could hold out little hope for him, despite their best efforts.

    This was devastating news; even for a man of Mr. S’s considerable wealth, the tremendous losses that he faced would be a very serious blow. However, a close friend gave him some excellent advice. “There is another lawyer who is much more effective than any of those you’ve hired, and whose words carry a great deal of weight in Shomayim, with a corresponding impact down here.” After learning of the Maharal Tzintz’s promise to help those who assist in publishing his seforim, Mr. S lost no time in contacting the Machon. He insisted on paying the entire cost of the sefer which was then being readied for print, so that the “attorney” would begin working on the case immediately.

    As soon as he made this wise move, things started happening with such astounding speed, that Mr. S is visibly moved every time he talks about it. The case against him simply fell apart, and those at the opposing company who wished to do him harm were summarily dismissed from their posts. In fact, the other company was forced to pay Mr. S’s legal expenses!

    A Proper Zivug

    The following letter, which was sent to the Machon, speaks for itself:

    “My name is L.M. Several weeks ago, I donated $180 for the purpose of publishing seforim of the Maharal Tzintz. This was done as a zchus for my brother, who was already an older bachur, but had been unable to find a proper shidduch. Now I wish to share with you some great news: Yesterday, in the merit of my contribution, my brother became a choson, boruch Hashem! Enclosed please find an additional $180; may it be a zchus for my family and myself …”

    Indeed, Hashem fulfills the wishes of a tzaddik!

    It should be noted that many who have donated funds for the publication of the Maharal’s seforim are “repeat customers.” This is hardly surprising, because if a client is happy with the service he receives, he naturally returns again and again.

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    A New Format for Old Treasures

    Because the Maharal Tzintz was so concerned about harbotzas Torah, and having others study his works, it stands to reason that he would have wanted his seforim to appear in a format that makes them easy to read. Having piles of seforim gather dust in some obscure corner of a Bais Medrash would certainly not be in consonance with the Gaon’s objectives. Hence, the Institute for Publishing the Maharal Tzintz’s Seforim has taken it upon itself to publish the Gaon’s seforim in a beautiful new format, with numerous features which make them easier to study. These include easy-to-read fonts and high quality paper.

    In addition to improvements in the physical layout, the content has been edited for accuracy, clarity, and ease of comprehension. The new editions include thousands of emendations and clarifying notes to elucidate passages which the reader might otherwise find obscure and difficult to comprehend. All longer passages are subdivided by topic, sources are indicated for all quotations, and thousands of printer’s errors have been corrected by referring directly to the original manuscript. References are made to other places where the author discusses a particular topic, and the halachic decisions of other gedolim who discuss a given topic are cited.

    Sometimes, the Gaon printed various editions of a work, and these editions were later combined by the printer, resulting in omissions, duplications and other errors. Before any other enhancements were made, the experts at the Institute had to carefully edit the seforim to “smooth out” the text, eliminate duplications, restore deletions, etc.

    All in all, the many new improvements greatly aid the reader. They make the works of the Gaon much more comprehensible and accessible.

    There is a special division of the Institute devoted to publishing the Gaon’s works on Agada. The Haggadah “Birchas Hashir “ has already appeared, with over a thousand notes and chiddushim. “M’lo Ho’Omer”, on Koheles, Megilas Esther, Rus and Shir Hashirim, has also been published .

    The Gaon’s seforim are distributed free of charge to battei medrashim, kollelim, yeshivos etc., all over the world. But the seforim are not distributed at random. They are sent only to places where there is a demonstrated interest in studying them. This is in keeping with the objective of the author, and guarantees that the seforim will not simply be sitting on a dusty shelf, unread. The donor is given full credit for the seforim which he contributes.

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    A Rare Opportunity

    As it did last year , the Institute has announced that, in honor of the Gaon’s approaching yahrzeit on the 3rd of Iyar, it is affording the public a special opportunity to fulfill the Maharal Tzintz’s wishes and secure his beracha of “I shall be his advocate.”

    The following four seforim are currently being worked on, and are being readied for print at various points during the coming year:

    Sefer Maayanei HaChachma on Bava Metzia, Chelek Bais Gimel and Daled that will be printed anew together with Chelek Alef that was printed in the past.

    For each sefer, there is a separate committee of talmidei chachomim, who review it with great thoroughness and professionalism. This is the type of printing to which the Gaon was doubtless referring when he spoke of “those who would exert themselves to print [the seforim]” And the Gaon’s holy promise to be a meilitz yosher for all those who are of assistance in this undertaking will certain apply to such an effort, which will help ensure that his works will appear in a beautiful, error-free and easy-to-understand format, and will be spread worldwide.

    For a donation of $400, the contributor has a zechus in the printing of a total of 10 sets of the above seforim, which will be distributed free of charge to the institutions (yeshivos, battei medrash, etc). In addition, the donor himself will also receive one copy of each of the four seforim. For $720, the donor will have a zechus in the printing of a total of 18 sets of the above seforim. The donor can send us a list of Batei Medrashim, Kollelim and Yeshivas, and the Machon will add it to their steady list, where all Seforim are being sent.

    As an additional gift, the contributor will also receive a copy of the sefer “M’lo Ho’Omer” on Megilas Rus. (If desired, a sefer on one of the other megillos may be substituted.) Please note: The institutions designated by the donor will be put on a permanent list, which entitles them to all past seforim issued by the Machon, as well as all future seforim that the Machon will iy”H publish.

    Moreover, the donor can honor or memorialize loved ones; dedications will be printed in the back of the seforim. As each sefer is ready to be printed, the donor will be contacted and will be asked to submit the text he would like to be inscribed in the seforim (if he has not already submitted it). It is therefore essential that the donor submit all his contact information (name, address, phone numbers, fax number, email address, etc.) so that the Machon can get in touch with him.

    Another important benefit to contributors: During the week of the yahrzeit (3 Iyar), there will be present at the tzion of the Gaon in Warsaw a group of select bnei Torah who devote themselves to the publication of the Maharal Tzintz’s seforim. The scholars will read kvitlach submitted by donors, pleading for Heavenly mercy on their behalf, and asking that the tzaddik remember and fulfill his promise. (Kvitlach can be submitted by mail, phone or fax; the office address, phone and fax numbers are listed at the end of this article. The office will have a fax line to Warsaw, and will fax kvitlach there, so that they can be read at the tzion.)

    It is rare that a sage should make a clear promise to be a meilitz yosher for someone. This is an exceptional and precious opportunity to secure the help of a great tzaddik. In fact, many who purchased sets last year saw great and extraordinary yeshuos. Businesspeople witnessed exceptional success in their business, and have thus been encouraged to contribute again and again. Some simply give their credit card information to Machon Mahral Tzintz, and before every business deal, they call the Institute and authorize a donation via the card. Others similarly make a contribution regularly in order to succeed in business.

    By calling the institute (“Machon Maharal Tzintz”) at (718) 259-2395 (number of American office) or (718) 360-4054 (this is a tie-line to Eretz Yisroel), you can gain the great merit of zikkui harabbim, and avail yourself of a certain, tried-and true segulah for refuos and yeshuos! The Machon’s fax number is (718) 256-4489. Checks should be made out to Machon Maharal Tzintz, and can be mailed to 1741 59th St., Brooklyn NY 11204. Tizku l’mitzvos!

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