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As the Rebbe lay on his bed, his strength ebbing, the air was filled with tension. He was surrounded by his best students, who were all brilliant talmidei chachomim in their own right, and they strained to hear their revered mentor’s final words, his parting advice to them before he left this world.

Then the Rebbe gestured weakly and pointed to one of the walls of his modest dwelling, saying, “Please bring me the wooden tablet from there.”When this was done, the Rebbe, with his last bit of strength, wrote on it the words that would resonate throughout the centuries, and which would have a profoundly beneficial effect on all who heeded them: “I shall act as an advocate on behalf of whoever helps print my sefarim.” Seeing the astonishment on the faces of his students at this bold declaration, the Rebbe assured them, “A merchant does not hang up a sign in his shop unless he has merchandise to sell!”

A few minutes later, the tzaddik’s pure soul departed for its journey to the upper realms. He is interred in the great bais olom in Warsaw, and on his matzivoh is the promise he made in his last moments in this world.

Who was this extraordinary tzaddik? His name was Moreinu Harav Aryeh Leib (Maharal) Tzintz. The great gaon wrote many sefarim, and he was very much interested in seeing to it that they were printed and distributed. That is why he made the promise which he did.

Indeed, there are many stories told of people who were helped in miraculous ways after they undertook to print the sefarim of the gaon. The organization which is dedicated to the publication of the Maharal’s seforim knows of many cases of people who have seen yeshuos which are clearly miraculous. These involve recovery from life-threatening diseases, obtaining good parnassa, finding proper shidduchim, nachas from children, etc.

Here is one example: Mr. S is a well-known businessman, a G-d-fearing and warmhearted Yid. Hashem has blessed him with wealth, and he utilizes his money wisely, giving to tzedaka and worthy causes with an open hand.

It happened once that in one of his business dealings with another company, he made a serious misstep. As a result, the other firm started legal proceedings against him, and he soon realized that this blunder would probably cost him many tens of millions of dollars. He quickly hired the best lawyers available, attorneys who were famed for their expertise with this particular type of problem, and paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars for their services. However, after examining and analyzing the case, they told Mr. S that quite frankly, they could hold out little hope for him, despite their best efforts.

This was devastating news; even for a man of Mr. S’s considerable wealth, the tremendous losses that he faced would be a very serious blow. However, a close friend gave him some excellent advice. “There is another lawyer who is much more effective than any of those you’ve hired, and whose words carry a great deal of weight in Shomayim, with a corresponding impact down here.” After learning of the Maharal Tzintz’s promise to help those who assist in publishing his seforim, Mr. S lost no time in contacting the Machon. He insisted on paying the entire cost of the sefer which was then being readied for print, so that the “attorney” would begin working on the case immediately.

As soon as he made this wise move, things started happening with such astounding speed, that Mr. S is visibly moved every time he talks about it. The case against him simply fell apart, and those at the opposing company who wished to do him harm were summarily dismissed from their posts. In fact, the other company was forced to pay Mr. S’s legal expenses!

Now, on the occasion of the gaon’s yahrzeit on the 3rd of Iyar, the Institute for Publication of the Mahral Tzintz’s sefarim is affording the public a rare opportunity: for only $400, one can order 18 Seforim of any of the four new Sefarim that are being published over the coming year: Maayanei HaChachma on Bava Metzia, Chelek Bais and Daled; Sefer Yayin Hamesameach, on Hilchos Yayin Nesech; and Pirkei Avos with the commentary of the Maharal Tzintz. The Sefarim will be distributed to Shuls and Yeshivos of the donor’s choosing. This is a great opportunity to gain a great zchus, and to be helped by the advocacy of the great tzaddik and gaon, as so many others have been miraculously helped through the centuries.

For more information, please contact the institute at 718-259-2395 or 718-360-4054. You can also send a fax to 718-256-4489. Checks should be made out to Machon Maharal Tzintz, and can be mailed to 1741 59th St., Brooklyn NY 11204. Tizku l’mitzvos!